behind emporium        meet sara zamikoff
The uniqueness of emporium is a result of my quest to provide the truly discerning consumer with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Originally planning to open a tea & coffee shop, I spent several years researching & learning about the industry; all the while cultivating my passion for fashion. Although I had my sights set, I couldn't ignore the encouragement from friends to use what they call my “knack for finding the truly different and unique.” Over the years I had become known as the go-to person for friends & family who needed fashion advice, or help in finding the perfect accessory or gift. As I was putting together the plans for my shop, it seemed fitting to take my vision beyond coffee & tea. Excited about the endless possibilities a boutique had to offer, my dream expanded into emporium, and I'm thrilled every day that it did!

It was an important part of my vision to infuse emporium into Miami's design community, and support local and independent designers. Miami's vibrant artistic scene has laid the foundation for countless gifted designers and artisans, many of whose products you will find at emporium. Working with these artists is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I love discovering artisans and learning their stories – what inspires them, how they create their pieces. Getting to know the artist behind the design makes the piece all the more special. I find that people are really missing the interpersonal aspect of shopping, & I wanted to make that a staple for emporium. I hope you have as much fun browsing the items as I did finding them for you! I invite you to come by and experience emporium first hand... and of course, meet Maple! -Sara